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Got time? We need you.

Got time? VOLUNTEER for the Roncesvalles Village 2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive! DEAR friends, As some of you may know, December 2008 marked my first holiday season in a new neighbourhood – Roncesvalles Village. My fiancé, Mike and I wanted to do something meaningful for our community and connect with our fellow neighbours. So we approached residents … Continue reading

Gifts for the Generations: Gen Yers

Finally, we arrive at Generation Y – my generation. We were born between the years of 1978 and 1991 and are now aged 18 to 31. Some of us are just on the cusp of the X and Y generations and might be more likely to relate as an Xer. But for me, I am … Continue reading

Gifts for the Generations: Gen Xers

Today we have a small sampling of gifts for Gen Xers. These folks were latchkey kids (born between 1965 and 1977). They grew up with the Brat Pack (think Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire) and were initially massive consumers of pop culture. Today, Gen Xers are more “balance” focused – family life is as important … Continue reading


 It’s time to pause for an intermission in our Gifts for the Generations series. We’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow. Meanwhile… Here’s a little something new and potentially educational to try during this intermission. The Living Planet City was created by World Wildlife Fund Canada. This is what the creators have to say about it: The Living … Continue reading

Gifts for the Generations: Boomers

My parents are trailing boomers (born between 1958 and 1964) and I am totally fascinated by them. Boomers represent a massive generation that spans from 1946 to 1964. They are the original trendsetters. They also have an extraordinary work ethic which up until now has dominated everything. If you think your parents are going to … Continue reading

Gifts for the Generations: Veterans

We are all products of our generation. Shaped by our parents – yes – but also the circumstances in which we live. The events that made a mark on the world throughout our development. Since understanding the values and attitudes of the generations in the workplace is a part of the work we do through … Continue reading

Working at a Nonprofit Does Not Equal Social Change

In an attempt to plug myself into some thought provoking dialogue, I went back to an old stand-by – the Stanford Social Innovation Review Opinion Blog. I read this post by Rosetta Thurman and I must say, “Hallelujah!” Thank goodness somebody else gets it (I was beginning to feel alone…) I am sharing Ms. Thurman’s poignant discussion … Continue reading

November is…in the stars

So here it is. November has arrived. We declare it the best month of the year. This month iNSPiRED PRACTiCE is getting up-close and personal and sharing a bit of the life behind the business. Everyday is a great day to build a better world. But some days it is equally great to just be … Continue reading

Real Tools for the Real World

This fall, we are launching Real Tools for the Real World in conjunction with sister-company Options for Success. This is a series of public workshops that we have developed based on needs and challenges identified within the current workplace. We are inspired by the commitment of clients like Telus Canada, Conference Board of Canada, Manitoba … Continue reading