iNSPiRED Success


iNSPiRED Success which was held at Studios in the Exchange (Winnipeg) on April 04, 2007 was attended by Winnipeg citizens from all sectors and communities.  If you couldn’t make it and missed all of the delicious food and festivities, we have captured some of the highlights. We invite you to connect with us to hear more!


We had a wonderful turn out of energetic and famished guests.


We were told by many that their spirits were lifted by our event and message.


We are honoured to have shared it with them – the bright lights in our community who work every day to build and realize dreams. 


Special thanks to our exceptional event management team (Gilbert, Kimberley, Brad, Manny, Shane, Khorie, Mickenzie & Chaise) and the star entertainment (and inspirational ambassador) Heather Bishop  for touching our hearts with her voice and musical poetry.

Click here for a sample of the iNFO BiTES created for the event to help our guests understand how we maximized our positive impact on the local economy, natural environment and social fabric of our communities. We aim to inspire, inform and empower you to embrace this philosophy in both your personal and professional lives.

2 Responses to “iNSPiRED Success”
  1. Aaron says:

    I love your work. There is one more rule to add to your theory of trashlessness, avoid mixing two substances in design. Paper cups are recyclable, but waxed paper cups are not.

  2. diuspineurn says:

    Nice site 😉

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