We’ve moved

In our quest to make the world a better place, we decided to reduce a bit of our administrative burden by amalgamating this blog with our inspiredpractice site. This blog will no longer be updated but you should go to http://www.inspiredpractice.com to hear all of the news, innovations, and particulars on Inspired Practice. Advertisements

From me to you…

Starting a legacy

  As you know, back in July iNSPiRED PRACTiCE announced a special endeavour called Project Tanzania 2009. Project Tanzania 2009  was born from our desire to build community and healthy futures for children. The timing of this project coincided with preparations for the upcoming nuptials of iNSPiRED PRACTiCE’s founder, Kristle, and her husband-to-be, Mike.  Bucking tradition, Kristle and Mike turned … Continue reading

Project Tanzania 2009

 (Photo via Flickr) In August, Kristle will be embarking on a very exciting journey to Tanzania. She is working with World Vision’s Survive Five Program to bring about a happy and healthy future for Tanzanian children. Do you remember your fifth birthday? Did you have a big cake with fluffy white frosting and five candles? … Continue reading


  We’re late! Yes we are running behind on the launch of our iNNOVATORS section. But it is coming! There have been so many great projects surfacing lately that we ran out of time. Coming soon.

Month in review

A month has passed since we made our resolutions for 2009.  Here is a summary of how we’re doing… We resolved:  To place a greater emphasis on purchasing local and organic foods. So far our focus has been on the Dirty Dozen by choosing organic alternatives to these produce items we have contributed to better health and greater demand for … Continue reading

Mix and match

My oh my. The whole month of January has nearly come and gone. Between the holidays, sick people and power outages, it has been a little tough to get back in the swing of blogging. Never fear, iNSPiRED PRACTiCE has happily lined up a number of posts on topical issues. There is no common theme … Continue reading