Chocolate goodness

So for day 1 of the fair trade challenge I knew I was going to have to BRING IT. Um hello it was Valentine’s Day after all. I could think of nothing better than the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate and peanut butter. And I had just the right recipe to try: Peanut Butter Bombs from My … Continue reading

The average woman

  (Photo via Google) Women’s Health Magazine has this great staple in their publication called “The Average Woman”.  Last year, they dedicated their April 2008 issue to all things “environmental”. We have a huge stack of  newspaper and magazine clippings collected from over the years and thought this deserved to be reproduced it in its … Continue reading

Love your mother

                (Necklace by Lisa Hopkins via Etsy) Make today the rule rather than the exception. That’s how we do it. Every day is Earth Day.  What can we say? Love your mother. We are generally in favour of celebrations though. So we did up Earth Day by booking in … Continue reading

Musical Interlude

  Here are some tunes for your Earth Day soundtrack courtesy of Green Living Online. Escarpment Blues – Sarah Harmer  4:01 Wreckage – Ben Jelen  3:34 Honey Honey – Feist  3:43 Better People – Xavier Rudd  3:07 On the Road Again – Willie Nelson  2:30 Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead  4:51 Big Yellow Taxi – … Continue reading

The Plastics

No we’re not talking about the in-crowd in Mean Girls. We are talking about the material that has made its way into our fridges, bathrooms, eating utensils, kids toys, and practically everything else human beings consume (that is, buy). Trust us – you want to know The Plastics. Not all Plastics are made equally and … Continue reading

Walk the talk

Back to school has come and gone. And now it’s time to put our nose to the grindstone. It isn’t all work though… We’ve got some fun news to share with you.

Photo Op

When we talk about carbon emissions – especially calculating our “carbon footprints” – it can often be so abstract. How can we conceptualize the sheer impact we have? Honestly, can you picture 2,200 lbs of carbon dioxide? Well if you couldn’t before, you will now. The Green Guide has found a way to show you. … Continue reading

Healthy Home

Spring has sprung and that means getting the clutter, toxins and dust out of our homes.  Co-op America (love them!) has built a new Healthy Home Center on their website with the Precautionary Principle in mind. They’ve pulled together the best “healthy home” articles from their green-living newsletter. Check out their Top 4 Steps to a Healthy Home.    

Words to live by…

Be. It might be a little word but boy is it powerful. This one small word can make a world of difference. This is the word iNSPiRED PRACTiCE will grab hold of to take us through the year. Be. Be is something that comes from trusting your gut and following that little voice in your … Continue reading

Action 01: Decline Plastic Bags Wherever Possible

“8 billion plastic bags, with a lifespan of 500 years, get dumped every year by Canadians.” That seems pretty unnecessary doesn’t it. Not only is it waste. It is waste the doesn’t biodegrade (or at least not quickly) and it can release toxins into our environment. So here’s what I do: First, I bring reusable … Continue reading