re:Vision 2010

 At this moment in time, I am buried under piles of…

  • receipts (tax season is upon us);
  • random writing implements;
  • prints of wedding photos;
  • notebooks full of scribbles, to-do lists and incredibly important life-changing ideas; and,
  • file folders reflecting the various projects I have on the go.

But before I become overwhelmed by the little things, I want to share with you something BIG.

On March 27 and 28, 2010 Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada is hosting re:Vision 2010 which will bring together the top 100 young change makers in Ontario. I’m going to be there. Are you?

The program for this two-day conference looks packed and engaging. I will be introduced to a lot of new ways “doing” and “seeing”. But one of the BIGGEST things about this conference is something that isn’t necessarily scheduled into the program – the opportunities for collaboration, dialogue and innovation that will organically surface as people talk and connect.

Every day I try to reach out to businesses, organizations and networks of like mind and heart to enrich the communities in which I live, work and play. I fully appreciate the role that collaboration plays in social entrepreneurship and I am so excited to find an opportunity such as this one to connect with other young imaginative leaders who see and create different possibilities to build a better world. Participating in re:Vision 2010 allows us all (participants, speakers, coordinators, etc…) to make unique contributions via ideas and experience and collaboratively cultivate something new and profound. I look forward to supporting others in their development as social entrepreneurs just as much as they will support me in mine.

Interested? Apply now!


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