Sprout Redux


Last June 2009, I participated in the Sprout e-course – a project of Taking IT Global – as an e-mentor. This is a great course for emerging social entrepreneurs who want to test the waters in a structured environment with the support of a team of course leaders, facilitators, mentors and peers.

This is the Sprout story:

For over a decade, TakingITGlobal has worked to inspire, inform and involve young people in the process of developing a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. That work has taken us to some of the far corners of the earth and into the lives of everyday heroes. The children, peasants, fastidious students, businesspeople, hip hop musicians, incredible teachers, break makers, computer programmers, graffiti artists and farmers, all united by a common vision for a better tomorrow.Never before have global challenges like the HIV/AIDS epidemic, environmental degradation, rising food insecurity and persistent human conflict loomed over a generation so pervasively. And despite the incalculable odds, these challenges are met head on each day in local communities across the world.

The Sprout e-course is for the brave, the courageous and the unstoppable young person who is ignited with an idea to create something better, more fair and just, more safe, more equitable, more healthy and more sustainable for all systems on earth. We do this beacuse we care.

Applications are being received for both participants and e-mentors now until March 14, 2010. Go here to apply!


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