Fair Trade Challenge

Here’s a fun little challenge for anyone who wants to turn a small act into BIG change. Fair Trade Manitoba is launching its One Month Challenge tomorrow. The challenge is a 30-day commitment to purchasing and consuming only FAIR TRADE coffee, tea and chocolate. Last year, 5,000 Manitobans took the challenge by pledging their commitment and getting friends and colleagues to sign on as well.

Why fair trade?

  • Producers in the developing world get a fair price for what they produce which translates into a better ability to support their families and communities. 
  • It encourages more sustainable farm management practices and better conditions for workers (i.e. less exposure to harsh chemicals).
  • There is a greater emphasis on democratic procedures within the workplace ensuring more reasonable working hours and a say in the conditions of employment.
  • It eliminates the participation of child labour in production.

It’s easy to participate in the challenge.  Just sign up here or by clicking the banner on the right. Not sure where to find fair trade products. Check this out! It is a lot easier to find these products than you might think.

Don’t forget: it starts Valentine’s Day until March 15!


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