28 Days of Counting the Ways

Dear February. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  There is so much goodness happening this month that I can hardly begin to thank you.

Change the World at Work is off and running again for 2010. Our first audience of the year is a small group of women entrepreneurs at Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. Entrepreneurs are so much fun to work with because they are always looking to stay current and expand their markets.

This month I am rockin’ tree pose. I’m feeling the need to put down roots. Move around a little less. I wonder when I will be able to do that. I have some schemes in the works and February is a good month for that.

Since getting married, I have been excited to share the ways in which I was able to make our wedding a “greener” one. After all of that planning, it seems doubly meaningful to share what I learned with others  in the hope that it will make their “green” dreams possible too. If you missed it, go to Prairie Girl by Day (my personal blog) and check out My Big Fat Green Wedding.

Valentine’s Day is the crowning jewel of the month and I came up with a fun little blog project on Prairie Girl to honour the occasion. The Art of Marriage is a guest post series about the uniqueness of marriage and how each couple makes it their own. If this goes well, I am hoping to launch a future guest post series on Amphib Lib. (More scheming…)

Everyone in Canada and the world is counting down the days until the Vancouver Olympics. I feel especially grateful to have been a tiny part of the celebration. Back in December, my hubby, Mike ran with the torch in Caledonia, Ontario. He was selected to be part of this exclusive group of Canadian torchbearers because of his commitment to an active and “green” lifestyle.

iNSPiRED PRACTiCE has been gearing up for the Champions for Children’s Environmental Health Workshop hosted by our client, Children’s Health & Environment Partnership of Manitoba. This workshop aims to train professionals who work with children to lead workshops and educate others in their organizations and sectors on children’s health and environment. I am looking forward to welcoming 26 smiling faces on February 18 & 19 to kick off the train-the-trainer workshop.

Dear February. You never disappoint. Thanks for 28 days of counting the ways.


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