31 Days of Boldness, Genius + Magic

Welcome 2010! We’re back! iNSPiRED PRACTiCE is up and running again. The year has started beautifully. It’s all about beginning it now. And right now life is FULL. We have been travellingtrying… coordinating… creating… connecting… dreaming… dancing… sledding… sliding… savouring and more.

You may notice that our iP blackboard looks a little different in 2010. In fact, it isn’t a blackboard at all. We’re lightening things up this year and that calls for a different format and a whiteboard to boot.

The New Year started off with me taking the big LEAP. On January 1st, my fiancé of 2-and-a-half years and I tied the knot in la belle province at Le Chateau Frontenac (Quebec City). It was a MAGICAL way to start 2010. We went dog sledding in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier and even tobogganed in our wedding duds for a little rush of adrenaline and FUN.

This month is full of adventure and movement. Boldness and hope.
Genius and rebirth. Magic and joie de vivre.

What a great print from Stella Girl to encourage wonder and beauty in the night time. Good sleep = more energy. And that is exactly what January calls for. Yoga, bellydancing, running and zumba are keeping me on my toes. It seems I along with others have a real desire to take fitness to the next level with the Easy Tone Go Outside footwear. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair…

Like everyone else I have made a list of key resolutions for 2010 and chosen my word of the year: LEAP. January is one of those months for “starting” and “finishing”. That extends into the work I am doing through iNSPiRED PRACTiCE. There are some exciting developments coming in February to announce shortly and April will bring a unique REBIRTH for us on the dawn of our 3rd birthday.

Begin it now. These are the words guiding our work at iNSPiRED PRACTiCE. As a company, trail blazer and innovator, we endeavour to build a better world. A huge part of that commitment is working to inspire others. We do nothing alone in this world. Nothing in isolation. MyLifeList.org is a brilliant site that marries our ability to dream big with an empowering online community which results in the ultimate goal achievement. What are your life goals? How will you make them happen? 

I am ever grateful that I have the opportunity to be who I am: an eco entrepreneur and world change maker. Now more than ever, we are all change agents able to support Haiti relief efforts. My contribution, although small, can make a difference. I am hopeful for the Haitians in the face of this tragedy. More than that, I am committed to the rebirth of their country. There are numerous ways you can help. Remember: If you make a donation by February 12, the Canadian government will match it.

Get inspired and change the world.


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